Cited documents

Cited documents are documents cited either during any of the procedures before the EPO (search, examination, opposition, limitation, revocation or appeal), or by the applicant.

A cited document can be a patent document or an item of non-patent literature. These are shown for A1 and A2 documents only.

We display all the cited documents available in our databases, regardless of their country of origin.

These cited documents are grouped by origin (search, examination, opposition, applicant) and type (patent and non-patent literature).

In Espacenet the bibliographic data of non-patent literature documents are only displayed if:

  • they have been classified using the Cooperative Patent Classification system (CPC) or
  • they have been cited in a search report produced by the EPO.

To view the list of cited documents available in our databases select the option Cited documents on the left-hand side of the Bibliographic data view.

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