Corresponding documents

A single invention can be the subject of a patent application in many different countries. In Espacenet, these related applications are known as corresponding documents (or "equivalents") and you will find them in the Also published as section.

As a rule, Also published as documents have the same priority. When you open any one of them, you can view a facsimile of the original document, allowing you to read the document in another language (where available). The content of the corresponding document is very similar, if not identical, to that of the document you retrieved in your search.

Click on the publication number link to open the relevant document in the Original document screen.

If the corresponding document does not contain a facsimile, the relevant link is marked with an arrow icon and opens the document in the Bibliographic data screen.

If all the publication numbers do not fit into one line, a more link is displayed at the end of the line.