Drawings illustrate the technical details of an invention. They usually contain reference numbers or characters that are repeated in the description to explain the invention's embodiments in detail.

In Espacenet, drawings are known as Mosaics, and all drawings belonging to a patent document are shown in the Mosaics screen. There, they are displayed as a collection of thumbnails (previews) that are considerably smaller than the original drawings and so are faster to load.

The Mosaics screen can display up to six drawings on a single page.

Please note that first-page images are not always displayed with the abstract in the Bibliographic data screen. In fact, Espacenet only displays first-page images for CH, DE, EP, FR, GB, US and WO patent documents. However, if there is a drawing in the patent family of a patent document from one of these countries, it is displayed as a representative drawing.

Note: Adobe Reader 7 or higher must be installed on your computer to display the documents in the PDF viewer in the Mosaics and Original document screens.