My patents list

In the My patents list you can store up to 100 documents. The list expires after one year of non-use. This period resets automatically each time you modify the list.

Check your internet settings to ensure that your cookies are enabled. If you don't, you may not be able to save documents in the My patents list. If you delete your cookies your My patents list will be deleted.

To add specific documents to the My patents list click on the star icon next to the document. A red star indicates that the document has been added to the list.

To remove a document from the My patents list, tick the box next to the document you want to remove and click Remove selected. To delete the full list, click Select all and then Remove selected.

You can export this list to another application as a CSV or XLS file. Simply click on Export in the toolbar. Remember to back up your list regularly using the XLS export function.

If you select patent documents by activating the checkbox next to the title, you can download these documents in a single PDF file by selecting Download. If you select all the documents in the list (by activating the Select all checkbox), only a maximum of 15 documents in the extended view format, or 30 in the compact view format, can be downloaded in a single PDF file. The maximum number of pages allowed in one PDF download is 500 for EP and WO documents (250 for other documents).

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