Original document

A fully-fledged patent document in Espacenet contains facsimiles of the complete original application, i.e. the request form with the abstract, description, claims, drawings and, where available, search reports. The original documents are available in PDF format and can be viewed, printed and downloaded.

Although the Espacenet database is continually being expanded to include additional countries and to provide more extensive coverage, the data is not complete for all documents. For example, the bibliographic data for a particular document may be available, but not the original documents. If this is the case, the Original document tab in the navigation bar is disabled.

Where corresponding documents are available, however, these may provide the original documents in English or in the language used for filing.

Note: Adobe Reader 7 or higher must be installed on your computer to display the documents in the PDF viewer in the Mosaics and Original document screens.

Downloading original documents

Espacenet allows you to download patent documents with up to 500 pages as one single PDF file. There are no size restrictions when downloading EP and Euro-PCT documents (published applications and granted patents) from the European publication server.

Note: If you want to download documents, your browser must be configured to allow cookies from the Espacenet website.

Patent documents can be downloaded from the Original document screen and drawing thumbnails from the Mosaics screen.

To download all the pages of the document you are currently viewing, click on Download in the PDF viewer toolbar.

The Espacenet verification window opens and shows a captcha image with a security code.

Enter the digits shown in the captcha image and click Submit .

Note:Depending on the total number of document pages, it may take a few minutes for the browser prompt to appear. If you click on Submit again before the file is ready for download, your request will be rejected because Espacenet will interpret your action as being that of a search robot. You will be sent a new security code to enter.

Printing original documents

Espacenet offers various options for printing patent documents. You can print individual pages from the Original document screen or you can first download the complete document as a PDF file and then print all or selected pages using Adobe Reader.

Printing individual pages

If you are viewing a document in the PDF viewer within the Original document screen, you can only print the page that is currently displayed.

Printing complete documents

If you want to print a complete patent document, you must download it first from the Original document screen.

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