Smart search - entering queries without field identifiers

When you enter a keyword or search term, the system will "guess" the field identifier needed to find a result according to the following rules:



Field identifier





If the input conforms to one of these formats, then it is a date.

pd (publication date)



If the input conforms to the classification symbol pattern, then it is a classification.

cl (Classification)




If the input consists of two (or three or four) letters, followed by a sequence of digits, followed by a letter and/or a digit, then it is a number.





If the input starts with a capital letter and then contains only lowercase letters, then it is a name.

ia (inventor and applicant)



If none of the above items work, then it is a text.

txt (title, abstract, inventor and applicant)

How Espacenet has interpreted your search terms is displayed in the grey panel above the Result list.

For example, if you enter "Siemens 20110316", the system will find documents having Siemens as the applicant or inventor and 20110316 as the publication number. In this case, Espacenet displays its interpretation of the search terms as:

ia = Siemens and and pd = 20110316

If you want to search for a term without using field identifiers, put the term in quotation marks. Everything within those quotes will be treated as a single search term and the order will be respected. Example: "laser scanning microscope"

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